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Callback Technologies Logo Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2021 Update   
Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2021 Update

In This Update

CBFS Storage for Android/iOS
Qt and Go Editions Released

New CBFS Products and Editions Released!

Our team has been hard at work over the last several months, developing new products and enhancing our existing offerings with many exciting new features. Highlights of this latest update include:

  • NEW: Cross-platform FUSE component for creating virtual drives in Windows and Linux.
  • CBFS Storage is now supported on Android and iOS.
  • Go and Qt editions are now shipping.


CBFS Cache


CBFS FUSE provides a simple way to create and manage virtual filesystems for Windows and Linux. Create a virtual filesystem on Windows or Linux backed by any data source: database records, local or remote files, dynamically-generated content, or anything in-between. Download the beta and tell us what you think!
  • Cross-Platform Support - Windows support is based on our flagship CBFS Connect product. Linux is supported through the widely adopted libfuse library.
  • FUSE-like API - Modeled after the traditional Linux FUSE API, the FUSE component offers a simple to use and familiar development experience.
  • Leverage Any Data Source - You have full control over the contents of your virtual filesystem, so you can use any data source your application has access to. It can be local or remote, a database or REST service, static or dynamically-generated, or something else entirely.

CBFS Direct

CBFS Storage

CBFS Storage Android and iOS editions are now shipping. Both editions provide libraries for native mobile development. The Xamarin edition has also been released, providing another way to develop for mobile.
CBFS Storage

New Editions

Go and Qt Editions are now available for all CBFS 2020 products.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit libraries
  • Support for Go 1.13 and up
  • Support for Qt 4.8 and 5
  • Windows, Linux, and macOS support (where applicable)
Product Updates

Product Updates

All products have been updated with a variety of new features. Notable updates include:
  • CBFS Filter updated to focus on modern minifilter architecture and move away from legacy mode.
  • All drivers, including those for Windows 7, are now signed with SHA2 according to Microsoft requirements.
  • CBFS Storage includes new CBMemDrive and CBDisk components.
  • CBFS Storage and CBFS Vault now include royalty-free licensing.
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