Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2024 Update

New Versions of CBFS Connect, CBFS Sync and CBFS Shell

CBFS Connect 2024, CBFS Sync 2024 and CBFS Shell 2024 betas are now available. The latest releases include new components, new functionality and an updated developer experience.

CBFS Connect 2024

CBFS Connect 2024 has been updated with a host of new functionality. An NFS component has been added that implements an NFS 4.1 server, providing a simple way to mount a drive and serve files on any platform without a kernel mode driver. Additional features in the CBFS component include support for extended attributes operations, sparse file support, improved compressed file support, and more.

Please see the version 2024 updates page for additional details.

CBFS Shell 2024

CBFS Shell 2024 provides a reliable and easy way to extend Windows Explorer with three new, easy-to-use components: ShellFolder, ShellMenu, and ShellNotify. Define how users interact with files and folders, customize context menus, add informational columns and more. CBFS Shell runs in a separate process from Windows Explorer preventing unhandled conditions in your shell application from crashing Explorer or other applications.

Please see the version 2024 updates page page for additional details.

Drive Applications

SFTP Drive and S3 Drive and are complete applications built on CBFS Connect which provide a simple way to mount a drive and interact with remote files. Whether connecting to an SFTP Server or an S3 compatible service, you can browse and work with files as if they were stored on your local machine. AES Drive keeps files securely encrypted on disk. The applications are available for direct licensing or OEM/Whitelabel.

Product Updates

Other updates include: