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Callback Technologies Logo Callback Technologies Vol. 2 2020 Update   
Callback Technologies Vol. 2 2020 Update

In This Update

CBFS Storage for Linux/macOS
Qt and Go Editions Released
CBFS Direct Released
CBFS Cache Beta

New CBFS Products and Editions Released!

Our team has been hard at work over the last several months, developing new products and enhancing our existing offerings with many exciting new features. Highlights of this latest update include:

  • CBFS Storage is now supported on Linux and macOS.
  • Go and Qt editions are now available.
  • New CBFS Direct product for raw disk and memory access.
  • New CBFS Cache product simplifies local file caching.


Product Updates

Product Updates

All products have been updated with new platform support and a variety of new features. Notable updates include:
  • CBFS Connect now offers Docker bind-mounting capabilities.
  • RAD Studio 10.4 support in Delphi and C++ Builder Editions.
  • Go and Qt Editions are now available for all shipping CBFS 2020 products.
CBFS Storage

CBFS Storage

CBFS Storage has been updated to support Linux and macOS platforms (Android and iOS coming soon). The following editions may now be used on Linux and macOS:
  • C++ Edition
  • Qt Edition
  • Python Edition
  • Java Edition
  • Go Edition
CBFS Direct

CBFS Direct

CBFS Direct is a low-level library that provides applications with direct access to raw disk and memory contents in Windows. Key features include:
  • Raw Disk and Memory Access - Bypass the Windows API and directly access memory or disks.
  • Perfect for Forensic Investigation - Easily access data that might otherwise be hidden from view.
  • Compact API - The CBDirect component's API is extremely compact, making it easy to learn and to use.
  • Individually-Signed System Driver - CBFS Direct's system driver is signed with your company's certificate.
CBFS Cache

CBFS Cache

CBFS Cache is an easy-to-use component that simplifies the local caching of remote file data. CBFS Cache operates between your application's local and remote file access logic. Highlights include:
  • Simple Storage Format - All cached file data is stored in a single file, simplifying data management.
  • Complete File Caching Solution - CBFS Cache is a completely self-contained file caching solution; it will take care of caching file data and firing events when remote file access is needed.
  • Multithreaded for Maximum Performance - Thanks to its multithreaded design, CBFS Cache increases your application's performance.
  • Flexible for Maximum Compatibility - The FileCache component can be customized to support any kind of remote storage.

The CBFS Cache component will become part of the CBFS Connect library after the public beta testing period is complete.
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