Compare CBFS FUSE and Connect


CBFS Connect provides a way to create and manage virtual filesystems in your Windows application. CBFS includes advanced functionality for windows specific features. If your solution is Windows-only and you need advanced controls and functionality CBFS may be right for you.

CBFS FUSE provides a simple way to create cross-platform solutions with virtual file systems. Windows support is based on our flagship CBFS Connect product. Linux is supported through the widely adopted libfuse library. Modeled after the traditional Linux FUSE API, the FUSE component offers a simple to use and familiar development experience

Windows Support
Linux Support
Comprehensive documentation
Timely updates and compatibility improvements
Guaranteed support
Event Handler Timeouts
Mount as Fixed or Removable Drives
In-memory cache
Disk-based cache
Alternate Data Streams
Symlinks (as Reparse Points)
Fine-grained user access control
Access control on per-process basis
Optional use of file Ids instead of filenames
Windows file security (ACL-based)
File lock/unlock events
Notify applications about new drives when used in a Windows service
Plug-n-play mode with device emulation
Notify the OS about external changes to files and folders

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