Why Choose CBFS Connect over Dokan?

About CBFS Connect

CBFS Connect is a software development toolkit that enables you to present various data sources as the files and directories of a local virtual drive, regardless of where the actual data is kept — be it in files, in database records, in memory, or elsewhere. CBFS Connect consists of a system-level driver and a user mode API component. You only have to write user mode code in your preferred language, and CBFS Connect's driver does the heavy lifting of virtualizing filesystems by intercepting filesystem actions and converting them into callback events.

Why Use CBFS Connect?

With hundreds of enterprise clients and millions of deployments, CBFS Connect is the trusted SDK for virtualized filesystems.

  • Technology you can rely on: CBFS Connect is maintained by professional software developers working in a well-established business, and it is designed with reliability and business suitability in mind. CBFS Connect is maintained, supported, and regularly updated to ensure that it continues to work flawlessly with the latest versions of Windows and Linux.
  • Advanced Windows capabilities: Designed for Windows, the CBFS component is a comprehensive but simplified implementation of the Windows filesystem.
  • Cross-platform FUSE Component: CBFS Connect includes our cross-platform FUSE component, bringing a well-known programming API to both Windows and Linux.
CBFS Connect is the only SDK available that is fit for enterprise-grade solutions, from integrations with legacy applications to new applications innovating with nontraditional data sources.

Case Studies

When Secomba needed to create a virtual drive for Boxcryptor, they trusted CBFS Connect as a secure, market-tested solution. Robert Freudenreich, Founder & CTO of Secomba, "Dokan was evaluated as an alternative, but CBFS Connect is more mature, more professional and more stable." Read the Secomba Boxcryptor case study.

Iterate searched extensively for a virtual filesystem driver for Mountain Duck that could not only help them make remote cloud storage available as a mapped network drive, but also simplify development. Yves Langisch, CEO of Iterate, said CBFS Connect offered"[o]utstanding stability and performance...CBFS Connect greatly helped us to focus on the implementation of the virtual filesystem, as at no time we had to struggle with device driver or stability issues. Just works!" Read the Iterate Mountain Duck case study.

Windows-Oriented Architecture Means Better Technology

CBFS Connect Dokan
Contents available as a disk
Basic file and directory operations
Named streams
Directory change notifications
Hard links
Fastctl requests
In-memory and on-disk caches
Fine-grained control over user access
Support for short (8.3) filenames
Optional use of file Ids instead of filenames
Filesystem quota support
Handling of reparse points
Handling of custom requests
Fine-grained control over filesystem representation
Control over serialization of requests
Control over worker threads
Custom disk icons in Explorer
Plug-n-play mode with device emulation
In-memory and on-disk caches
Mount disks as fixed or removable
Network mounting points
Hidden UNC paths
Session-local mounting points

Professional Products Provide Professional Reliability

CBFS Connect Dokan
Professionally written and maintained code
Rigorously tested with internal and Microsoft tests
Many functional sample applications for all supported APIs and platforms
Multiple language support
Comprehensive documentation
Timely updates and compatibility improvements
Clear roadmap for future development
Guaranteed support
Business responsibility
Cost of Ownership Predictable and consistent Unpredictable

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