CBFS Filter Purchasing Options

For specific information about our licensing options please refer to the the License Information section below or contact sales@callback.com.


CBFS Developer Subscription

Single Developer, Multiple Workstations
Free Upgrades and Support for One Year *


CBFS Team Subscription

Four Developer Team Subscription, Multiple Workstations
Free Upgrades and Support for One Year *


CBFS Filter 2020 Java Edition OEM License

OEM Distribution of Commercial Applications, Annual Subscription

* This licensing option is limited to your internal data processing and computing needs. The license may not be used to develop commercial applications that are distributed to third parties whether on premise, or to process and/or transmit third party data as a service. Please request a quote for an OEM license if you are building a commercial application.

License Information

CBFS Developer Subscription: The CBFS Developer Subscription allows a single developer to work with all CBFS products on all development workstations used by that developer. The subscription also allows unlimited internal distribution and use for all CBFS products. Internal use is limited to internal data processing and computing needs within your organization.

Commercial royalty-free distribution is available for a subset of products in the subscription. An OEM license is required for those instances where a commercial royalty-free distribution license is not available in the subscription.

Flexible Licensing Options: Callback Technologies offers flexible licensing models designed to address the needs of commercial software distribution or application development for internal use. We understand that our standard license terms may not be optimal for every client and every project, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss your unique licensing requirements. Our objective is to work with you to ensure that we add value to your project through our technology.