Build a custom filesystem with just user-mode code

Do you need to create a virtual filesystem that exposes data from a database, a cloud, a document management system, or some other source? Do you want to be able to open files from any location in applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel? Do you have custom data that you want to present in file-and-folder format?

The leading SDK for creating and managing virtual filesystems from almost any type of storage.

All of this and more is possible, and you'll be able to do it with only user-mode code—no kernel-mode programming required thanks to CBFS Connect's ready-made Windows file system driver, which can be deployed to your users as-is.

CBFS Connect works on all versions of Windows from Vista through Windows 10 / Windows Server 2019, and APIs are available for all major programming languages: .NET, C++, VCL, Java, Python, Go, and more! Plus, it comes with extensive documentation and multiple sample applications.

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