Professionally Developed WinFSP Alternative

Build a custom filesystem with just user-mode code

CBFS Connect is a powerful set of components and turn-key filesystem driver that simplifies creating and managing virtual filesystems in your Windows applications. Developing a virtual filesystem involves complex kernel programming, and requires a skillset that many don't have or need. Our expert team of engineers has spent over 15 years developing and optimizing CBFS Connect so that you can focus on your core business and deliver solid applications in record time.

Present any data source as a full-featured Windows filesystem – be it database records, local or remote files, dynamically-generated content, etc.

Works with all WinOS versions, from Vista to Windows 10 / Windows Server 2019.

Simply write the user-mode code in your language of choice – APIs are available for .NET, VCL, C++, Python, Go, Java, and more.

Expose your data as just another drive full of files and folders, allowing users to easily view and interact with it.

Seamless interoperability with external applications via standard file APIs.

Includes extensive help documentation, demos, and a professional support team that you can consult at any time.

CBFS Connect

The performant, event-driven design of CBFS Connect allows you and your application to manage every aspect of your virtual filesystem's operation. Easily handle use-cases that require on-the-fly modification of remote data, such as client-side encryption. The alterations take place within the virtual filesystem, so they're completely transparent to end-users. Only your application knows the real location of your data, so you can create and enforce your own permission schemas specifying which users and third-party applications can access, view, or modify it.