Create a virtual filesystem with just user-mode code

Need to build a virtual filesystem? Looking to port your FUSE-based Linux application to Windows?

CBFS Connect allows you to present any data source as a fully-featured filesystem - be it local or remote files, dynamically-generated content, cloud storage, database records, or anything in-between. Without writing a single line of driver code, you will be able to expose your data as just another drive with folders and files, making it easy for users to view and interact with, and giving other applications the ability to access and manipulate it via standard file APIs.

Additionally, CBFS Connect offers a FUSE translation layer. This vastly simplifies the porting of FUSE-based filesystems from Linux and macOS.

CBFS Connect runs on any version of Windows from Vista through Windows 10 / Windows Server 2019. APIs are available for all major languages (C++, .NET, Java, Delphi, Python, Go, etc.).

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