FATXplorer Creates Access to Native Xbox Filesystem.


FATXplorer is "the ultimate Xbox storage device explorer." Used by people all around the world since 2010, FATXplorer provides a comprehensive feature set that makes it a key tool in any Xbox owner's collection. FATXplorer provides Xbox users direct access to their saved games and downloaded content.

The Challenges

Xbox consoles use a unique filesystem that isn't natively supported by any operating system. FATXplorer was designed to effectively handle this filesystem in order to provide users with access to their games and downloaded content.

The Solution

Using the professionally developed CBFS Component, FATXplorer is able to create virtual disks representative of the different partitions found on Xbox storage devices. These virtual disks make it extremely easy for users to carry out common operations such as cut, copy and paste on files and directories previously inaccessible.

The Results

CBFS Connect has saved the FATXplorer team a tremendous amount of development time that would have been used to create and maintain a limited version of Windows File Explorer within the application.