DefiniSec SSProtect

DefiniSec Uses CBFS Filter to Help Secure and Protect Data

DefiniSec SSProtect

DefiniSec's flagship product, SSProtect, secures and manages application data with simple deployment, administration, and use. SSProtect combines patented cryptographic offloading (KODiAC Encryption) and secure backup/restore as the foundation for Incident Response and Recovery tools that maintain Business Continuity before, during, and after a data breach.

When DefiniSec needed to monitor and intercept all activity associated with managed content, they trusted CBFS Filter as a secure and reliable solution.

The Challenge

To retain desktop application worfklows independent from software and infrastructure, DefiniSec needed to monitor data file access then intercept activity to seamlessly apply controls. SSProtect must correlate with and filter for interactive end‐user operation, then take over the operation to authorize access, verify integrity, decrypt/re‐encrypt content, and securely store version‐specific backups for future use.

Since deterministically intercepting and managing file access requires developing and integrating a filter driver, DefiniSec sought a reliable SDK that would make development fast and easy.

The Options

DefiniSec considered two options:

  • CBFS Filter
  • Build a filesystem filter driver in-house

Given their requirements for a stable, enterprise-ready solution, CBFS Filter was the preferred choice. Creating an in-house solution would cost time, resources, and expertise which would distract from DefiniSec's mission.

According to John Poffenbarger, Founder & CEO of DefiniSec, "CBFS Filter provides exactly what we need; it is widely deployed and proven to be secure, reliable, and cost‐effective. This choice was simple – and correct."

The Secure, Easy-to-Use Solution

DefiniSec selected CBFS Filter as their tool of choice to help control and secure access to application data.

CBFS Filter makes it possible to intercept and react to filesystem, registry, and process manager operations as they occur. CBFS Filter enabled DefiniSec to monitor and control access to protected files - and do so without having to write any drivers that would require kernel development. The core features of CBFS Filter allowed DefiniSec to:

  • Provide end-to-end control over data access and use
  • Intercept all activity associated with managed content
  • Authorize access on a file-specific basis
  • Provide secure and reliable In-Place Encryption

Just as important for DefiniSec, these features came with the support of a mature company that stands behind its products.

What Made The Difference?

CBFS Filter's stability and ease-of-use made it the top choice for DefiniSec.

"CBFilter is one of the most reliable complex technology products we have ever used." Poffenbarger said.

The Results

With the help of CBFS Filter, DefiniSec developed SSProtect, which combines patented cryptographic offloading and secure backup/restore as the foundation for incident response and recovery tools that maintain business continuity before, during, and after a data breach.

More Information

SSProtect was designed to combine a high degree of effective host data protection with minimal impact, maintaining protective controls wherever data flows. By applying controls without disrupting native end-user workflows and integrating patented cryptographic offloading which requires an attacker to breach both the host and the cloud to recover plaintext data, SSProtect delivers a comprehensive endpoint data protection system that can be deployed, configured, and used in minutes (learn more).