Version 2024 Updates

The latest major release of our development libraries focuses on new functionality and improved performance. This guide highlights some of the key updates and changes. Please visit the Beta Downloads page to download the latest version.


Toolkit Updates

CBFS Connect

The new NFS component implements an NFS 4.1 server, providing a simple way to mount a drive and serve files without a kernel mode driver. The NFS component is available for all supported platforms, but is particularly useful in macOS where kernel mode driver installation can be challenging.

The CBFS component has been updated to provide additional functionality including support for extended attribute operations. New API members including SetEa and QueryEa methods and the SupportExtendedAttributes property provide options to manage extended attribute operations.

Sparse file support can be enabled by setting the new SupportSparseFileAttribute property and handling the QueryCompressionInfo, QueryAllocatedRanges, and ZeroizeFileRange events. Support for compressed files has been improved and the new SupportCompressedAttribute property can be used to enable support for this attribute.

CBFS Shell

CBFS Shell includes three components to easily extend Windows Explorer with support for virtual folders and custom menus. The ShellFolder component enables creating a virtual folder containing items in the Windows Shell. The ShellMenu component enables customizing Windows context menu items and commands. The ShellNotify component enables monitoring file system change notifications.

Upgrade Guide

In most cases upgrading from a previous version is as simple as referencing the updated versions of the library. Every effort has been made to minimize the number of breaking changes to ensure a simple upgrade process. The sections below detail some aspects which may be of help while upgrading your project.

Included .NET Platforms

In version 2024 the lib\net40 directory contains a .NET 4.0 library suitable for Windows development and includes design-time support for Visual Studio. The lib\net6.0 directory contains a .NET 6.0 library designed for cross-platform support.

The .NET Framework 2.0 library is no longer included by default, but are available on demand for legacy projects.

API Changes

In most cases upgrading is seamless and requires no code changes, as efforts have been made to maintain backwards compatibility. However, the latest release includes several API changes that may require code changes. The articles linked below detail major changes between the previous and latest release.

Upgrading to the latest version is designed to be a quick process and involve only minimal code changes while offering additional functionality and options for new and existing users. Please contact us at with any questions or comments.

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