Why is adding files to the Vault so slow?

In most cases, the process of adding new files (or other data) to a Vault is fast. However, if CBFS Vault needs to increase the size of the Vault itself in order to add the new data, you may experience slowdown. This slowdown can be magnified if many new pages must be added to the Vault, and/or if your vault is configured to use a small page size (since a smaller page size means more pages have to be added, and there is a certain amount of overhead that occurs when adding a new page).

There are a couple of things you can do to help mitigate this slowdown:

  • For new Vaults (either before or after they are created), specify a minimum size using the VaultSizeMin property.
  • Use the VaultSize property to explicitly increase your Vault's size before adding file(s) whose total size is close to, or larger than, the amount of free space currently available in your Vault (as reported by the VaultFreeSpace property). Add the amount of space your file(s) need, plus 10% (approximately).
In the latter case, take care that you don't accidentally trigger automatic compaction, which would cause CBFS Vault to shrink your Vault again before you get a chance to add the new file(s). If necessary, you can temporarily alter the AutoCompactAt property, or set the AutoCompactDelay configuration setting to some non-zero value. Refer to the documentation for more information.

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