How do I guard against data loss caused by vault file corruption?

A Vault file is no different from any other file on your computer, which means that they can be damaged (accidentally or intentionally) or deleted. As with any data, keeping regular backups is the best approach for guarding against complete data loss. However, keep in mind that a Vault should only be backed up while the Vault is closed; when a Vault is open, CBFS Vault keeps certain information in memory, so the Vault file itself may contain inconsistencies at certain moments.

Another approach is on-the-fly mirroring of Vault data using Callback Mode. To implement mirroring in callback mode, your CBFS Vault-based application can read and write the Vault data from/to the local Vault file and an additional location simultaneously (or employ some other kind of mirroring strategy). This can be done synchronously (slower but more reliable) or asynchronously (faster but less reliable).

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