How do I collect a log of file operations on the drive for debugging purposes?

Sometimes you may encounter a third-party application that fails to operate correctly when interacting with a CBFS Connect virtual drive. In such cases, it is important to see which filesystem requests said application was sending to the drive. To collect a log of such requests, perform the following steps:

  1. Download Process Monitor from
  2. Run Process Monitor, and set a filter to exclude system drive logging: "Path" - "begins with" - "C:" - exclude.
  3. In Process Monitor's toolbar, disable the options to show registry and network activity.
  4. Reproduce the problem you're trying to track down.
  5. Stop logging; then save the log to a file (in the Process Monitor native format).
  6. Send this log to us, along with information about what drive letter is assigned to the CBFS Connect virtual drive. Please also include any additional relevant information about the problem, as well as your system configuration.

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