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Callback Technologies Logo Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2020 Update   
Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2020 Update

In This Update

New Major Versions Released
.NET Core 3.0 Support
Additional Java Editions
New Python Editions

CBFS 2020 Products Released!

New major versions of all products are now shipping. The updated products have undergone significant redesign to improve the developer experience and overall usability.

Our efforts to refresh and refine the development experience have resulted in many important changes, including significant performance improvements over previous major versions.

Highlights include:

  • Redesigned, more efficient APIs.
  • Updated and expanded documentation.
  • Performance improvements across all products.
  • Support for ARM-based Windows machines added to all products.
  • Support for .NET Core/Standard in all .NET editions.
  • Java editions now available for all products.
  • New Python editions for all products.


CBFS Connect 2020

CBFS Connect 2020

CBFS Connect 2020 includes numerous internal changes and upgrades, enhanced documentation, and a simplified deployment procedure.
  • Redesigned, more efficient API.
  • New events and properties available for additional flexibility.
  • Expanded data caching options.
  • Significant performance enhancements.
  • Python edition now available (Windows only).
CBFS Filter 2020

CBFS Filter 2020

CBFS Filter 2020 adds support for Registry and Process filtering, an improved developer experience, and extensive new documentation.
  • Support for Windows Registry and Process operations (previously available as separate products).
  • New CBMonitor component for simplified file and directory monitoring.
  • New events added to the CBFilter component for additional functionality.
  • Java and Python editions now available (Windows only).
CBFS Storage 2020

CBFS Storage 2020

CBFS Storage 2020 brings significant performance improvements, new and improved documentation, as well as a refreshed product structure and terminology for greater clarity.
  • Redesigned API provides greater ease-of-use and more granular control.
  • New methods that simplify file and folder copying.
  • New functionality for controlling value size and space usage.
  • Python edition now available.
CBFS Disk 2020

CBFS Disk 2020

CBFS Disk 2020 contains support for Java, an updated user mode API, and a number of performance improvements.
  • Java and Python editions now available (Windows only).
  • Simplified deployment procedure.
  • Extensive new documentation.
  • Improved kernel-to-user-mode communication performance.
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