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Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2021 Update

CBFS Storage Android and iOS editions are now shipping. Go and Qt editions are available for all shipping products. CBFS FUSE, a new product for simple cross-platform virtual drives, is now available in beta.

Callback Technologies Vol. 2 2020 Update

CBFS Storage is now supported on Linux and macOS. Go and Qt editions are now shipping for all products. CBFS Direct, a product for raw disk and memory access, is now available. CBFS Cache, a new product that designed from the ground up to work with virtual filesystems, is now in public beta.

Callback Technologies Vol. 1 2020 Update

New major versions of all products are now shipping. The new major versions feature a redesigned API and include performance improvements across the board. All .NET editions now support .NET Core 3.0. Python editions are now shipping for all products. Java editions are now available for all products.

Callback Technologies Major Version Update

Our 2020 major version update, the first complete overhaul in over 3 years, is here! Our efforts to refresh and refine the development experience have resulted in many exciting new changes, including significant technical improvements over previous versions.