Minifilter and legacy filter usage in CBFS Connect

Microsoft has recently announced plans to remove support for legacy filter drivers. Depending on which product you are using, this may impact you.

CBFS Connect

CBFS Connect does not require legacy filter support to function. No action is required if you are using CBFS Connect.

Note: CBFS Connect uses the legacy filter driver for supplementary functions. However, if legacy filter support is disabled in the OS, CBFS Connect will continue to work. The filter driver may also be disabled in CBFS Connect via the properties of CBFS component.

Callback Filesystem

Callback Filesystem does require legacy filter support. Migration to CBFS Connect is highly recommended.

Callback Filesystem uses a legacy filter driver and will fail to start if the filter driver cannot be loaded. Thus Callback Filesystem is not compatible with upcoming changes to the Windows operating system. Continued use of Callback Filesystem will result in the inability to use the product on systems that are updated with new requirements from Microsoft.

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