Can I access a vault from several applications at once?

Assuming all of the applications utilize the CBVault component, the same vault can be open in multiple applications simultaneously, but only if each one has opened it in read-only mode(which is controlled by the ReadOnly property). Such an application cannot open a vault in read-write mode if another application has it open in read-only or read-write mode; nor can it open it in read-only mode if another application has it open in read-write mode. This behavior is by design.

To get around these restrictions, you can use the CBDrive component instead. When a vault is opened with the CBDrive component, it is actually the kernel-mode driver that opens the vault. With this approach, the vault is mounted by one application and other applications access the vault's contents directly via the drive.

Alternatively, it is possible to create a server process that opens the vault and then services requests from client applications.

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