Can CBFS Disk handle multi-partition disk images?

CBFS Disk is designed to be a very simple solution for creating a virtual disk whose contents are stored in a single block of data (i.e., a disk image). This virtual disk is initially raw, allowing users to format it with whatever filesystem they so choose (NTFS, FAT32, etc.). CBFS Disk only handles storing the contents of the virtual disk, it isn't involved in the operation of that disk's filesystem whatsoever.

A multi-partition disk image doesn't just contain filesystems, they also contain additional metadata (such as master boot records–MBRs), and may require the partitions to be aligned in a specific manner. CBFS Disk doesn't currently know how to handle such information.

That said, it is possible to achieve a similar effect by using multiple instances of the CBDisk component, and having your application coordinate their read/write requests so that each virtual disk's contents are stored in a single file. However, such a task is technically complex and is out of scope for this article.

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