CBFS Cache

A caching library designed from the ground up to work with virtual filesystems.

CBFS Cache

Easily Cache Remote Files Locally

CBFS Cache allows applications to easily add support for local caching of remote file data. CBFS Cache operates between your application's local and remote file access logic. Once you've described the reading, writing, and resizing capabilities of your remote storage, the cache will automatically process I/O calls made against its API and fire events when remote file access is required. Data is cached and flushed automatically, providing increased performance without additional code complexity.

CBFS Cache is designed to complement our CBFS Connect product, allowing applications to easily add local file caching for improved efficiency and performance.

Simple Features for Easy Integration

Complete File Caching Solution

CBFS Cache is a completely self-contained file caching solution. Just insert it between your application's local and remote data access logic, and it will take care of caching file data and fire events when remote file access is needed.

Flexible for Maximum Compatibility

The FileCache component's configuration options are flexible enough to support any kind of remote storage, whether it offers true random access, requires whole-file reads and writes, or something in-between.

Multithreaded for Maximum Performance

Thanks to its multithreaded design, CBFS Cache increases your application's performance even more than caching could alone.

Simple Storage Format

All cached file data is stored in a single file, simplifying data management and keeping your application's file structure clean.

Supported Platforms


Managed .NET Components

Managed .NET components based on the same high-performance codebase as our native editions. The edition of choice for managed .NET applications.


Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, macOS and anywhere .NET Standard is supported.
Native libraries are also available for individual platforms.

  • Managed .NET components built atop our high-performance shared codebase.
  • Support for .NET 6, .NET 5, .NET Core 3.1, and earlier.
  • Extensive demo applications written in C# and VB.NET.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Supports Windows Vista / Server 2008 and later.
  • Seamless integration with Visual Studio.
  • Support for .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.8.
  • .NET Standard 2.0 and 2.1 support.


The following components are included in CBFS Cache.

Included Demos

The following demos are installed with the product. Download the trial to get started.